KINECTed Virtual Private Cloud

KINECTed Virtual Private Cloud by ViaWest Inc.

KINECTed Virtual Private Cloud is ideal for intensive or highly variable environments. The KINECTed Virtual Private Cloud is a feature-rich, multi-tenant environment that can be customized to meet your unique demands. With elastic computing resources and a high-performance network, Virtual Private Cloud is ideal for small, medium and large businesses experiencing rapid growth, heavy or variable traffic loads or running complex network applications


  • Size your environment to exactly what you need (eliminate over provisioning)
  • Remarkably low latency and ultra-high availability
  • Reduce the time it takes to create and deploy new products and services.
  • Remove the time and cost associated with infrastructure management and hardware maintenance.
  • Sales Engineers are available for full design of equipment layout, power, space and network at no additional cost.