KINECTed Cloud™ services

KINECTed Cloud™ services by ViaWest Inc.

ViaWest’s KINECTed Cloud™ services provide a dynamic resource pool of compute, storage, and network resources without CapEx or ongoing personnel cost. In addition, you can leverage hybrid Cloud with your traditional Colocation and Private Cloud, providing a scalable architecture that simplifies growth, reduces costs, and enhances the quality of service delivered to your business users and your customers. 


  • KINECTed Virtual Private Cloud
    Get control, agility, connectivity and efficiency with our feature-rich KINECTed Virtual Private Cloud. 

  • KINECTed Dedicated Private Cloud
    Address regulatory requirements with the agility of KINECTed Dedicated Private Cloud. 

  • Dedicated Servers
    Meet industry demands with an agile IT environment. 

  • KINECTed Health Cloud
    Stay up-to-date with industry regulations while meeting your IT needs.

  • Managed Storage
    Meet all of your storage needs without any of the hardware.