Kareo Medical Billing Services

Kareo Medical Billing Services by Kareo, Inc.

Kareo is a leading medical billing and technology program for an independent practice. With a variety of medical billing and practice marketing tools, this cloud-based software documents and assists clinical processes - from consultation to treatment and follow-up care. 


  • Kareo billing software automates aspects of revenue processes that are often burdensome for a small practice. From working with ICD-10 diagnostic codes and other identifiers, to triaging claims and working with contractual agreements with insurance companies, Kareo includes robust functionality that can have a positive effect on how a practice works from day to day.
  • The Kareo medical billing service is designed with an intuitive interface, so that it enhances processes and supports staff. With web and mobile functionality, it brings data where data is needed, and helps to diminish the need for complex digital record-keeping tasks.
  • With Clinical, Managed Billing and Marketing components, this comprehensive web-based billing software doesn’t just provide one source of help – it assists and automates throughout many different parts of a patient care model and a clinical life cycle.