Kaavo’s IMOD

Kaavo’s IMOD by Kaavo

Kaavo's software solve the challenge of deploying and managing distributed applications, workloads, and IT environments in the clouds. Kaavo is the first and only company to deliver a top-down application-centric approach to IT resource management across public, private, and hybrid clouds. 


  • Lower Deployment Costs: In addition to shifting CAPEX to OPEX, you can drastically reduce the cost and risk associated with deploying and managing critical applications by up to 30%.

  • Improve Time-to-Market: Reduce the time it takes to deliver new and updated business services to market by up to 30%, and increase potential revenue opportunities.

  • Improve Service Quality: You can manage customer SLAs in real-time and ensure high application availability, improving service levels by up to 20% while reducing production support efforts by as much as 40%.