Junos Content Encore

Junos Content Encore by Juniper Networks, Inc.

Junos Content Encore* is a caching and delivery engine that can optimize networks for the efficient content delivery users demand and lower the costs of delivering OTT video and other applications. At the same time, Junos Content Encore provides a monetization platform that can enable new revenue-generating services.


  • Delivers up to 10 times more media per server than traditional caches — providing reduction in server hardware CapEx and OpEx. Provides throughput capacity that scales linearly with increases in available memory and disk space.

  • Ability to adapt and grow to future requirements to ensure investment protection and longevity.

  • Facilitates introduction of new revenue-generating services And maximizes resource utilization.- Simplifies integration with OSS/BSS. Reduces costs associated with system integration.

  • Reduces costs by eliminating protocol-specific servers and infrastructure. Provides a single, converged delivery infrastructure.

  • Customizable for a broad range of deployment scenarios, and offers NEBS-compliant options.

  • Complete solution optimized for high availability (HA) and reliability- Improves overall system scale and performance, ensures high-availability via redundant systems.

  • Enables intelligent, content-aware decisions, dynamically adapts to changing content delivery requirements, and provides the foundation for hierarchical caching.

  • Stores content efficiently in appropriate storage tier, according to object type and user demand. Enables flexible capacity and configuration planning based on unique content requirements.

  • Allows customers to rapidly introduce alternative TV services, such as TV over broadband, ensures a TV-like viewing experience even as network conditions fluctuate, and increases viewer loyalty and retention.

  • Meets a wide variety of business and technical needs, and can be deployed as an origin cache, an edge cache, and as part of a video delivery service.