Juniper Net Netscreen 5GT
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Juniper Net Netscreen 5GT by Juniper Networks, Inc.

The Juniper Networks NetScreen-5GT Series is a family of three feature-rich, enterprise-class network security solutions. They are ideally suited for securing remote offices, retail outlets  and broadband telecommuter environments, where IT staff support is minimal and ease of configuration and management is crucial. The NetScreen-5GT Series integrates key security applications, routing protocols and resiliency features to provide IT managers a cost effective appliance that is easy to deploy and manage. 


  • Security: Use the Stateful and Deep Inspection firewall, DoS protection and embedded antivirus to stop network and application level attacks and defend against the propagation of worms and viruses. Prevent users from transmitting private or corporate data, via Phishing and Spyware attacks, with integrated or re-direct web filtering options.

  • Network integration: Support for key routing protocols, such as BGP, OSPF, RIPv1/2 and ECMP along with NAT, Route and Transparent Layer 2 operation helps facilitate network integration.

  • Resiliency: Dial-backup or dual Ethernet ports, along with route-based VPNs provide redundancy when network connectivity is business critical. Dual WAN ports can also be used to share traffic load.

  • Port Flexibility: Almost every network deployment scenario can be accommodated without a hardware upgrade through five configurable Ethernet interfaces. Administrators can enable switching, dual WAN ports, a dedicated DMZ or any combination thereof through a set of six predefined interface layouts called Port Modes.