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JReport by Jinfonet Software, Inc.

JReport is built on a proven foundation of high-performance, scalability, and an enterprise-ready reporting engine using technologies including in-memory cubes and fully distributed server clusters. JReport's intuitive. With its Java-based architecture, JReport seamlessly embeds into any application through an extensive API set. JReport also provides interactive data visualization with customizable ad hoc reporting and dashboards that empower end users through the Web and mobile devices. 


  • Rich Data Visualization - Mash up over 40 types of charts, tables, crosstabs, even external components like Google Maps. Pull from different data sources all into the same dashboard. Choose from component templates or customize them based on what you want. 

  • Interactive UI - Create dashboards simply using a drag-and-drop UI that lets you choose the charts, tables, and crosstabs you need from an extensive library of components. 

  • In-Depth Analytics - JDashboard allows you to see the big picture by comparing charts, tables, and other components side-by-side. Apply filters on one or many components, drill down to details, view trends on motion charts and other interactions. 

  • Ad Hoc Reports - Custom report creation is as easy as drag and drop or walking through a wizard. On-screen sliders, filters and drill-downs allow you to interact with and narrow down your dynamic data, eliminating the need for extensive training and IT involvement. 

  • Web Reports - Designed for high interaction and dynamic analysis. Combine highly visual components into an interactive Web-based report. 

  • Page Reports - Designed for simple creation, consumption, and delivery of data. Page reports allow detailed data to be distributed in a precisely formatted layout. 

  • Mobility - Experience your data come to life whether in a meeting, at home, or while traveling. Wherever you are, our robust mobile visualization tools put your data within reach at all times. 

  • Interactivity - Dig deeper into your data, apply filters, sort, and drill-down to see your data from all angles.
  • Easy to Use - Pop open custom dashboards on our iPhone or iPad, and have access to vital data 24/7.