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Easy to start, easy to join, easy to manage, takes everything bad about physical and online meetings and makes them better. That’s why millions of new people, from universities, startups and Fortune 500 companies, use every month to simply and more effectively share their ideas and work, making the fastest growing collaboration product in the world.


  • Conference Access 
    With Unlimited Audio, all participants talk on the same line regardless of how they join, by internet (VoIP) or conference line. Requires pro subscription. Free version only includes VoIP.

  • Participants 
    See who’s in the meeting. Pass control of your screen to someone else or swap the presenter role (available with pro) so someone can share their screen. Send them files, or remove someone if they’re disruptive.

  • Chat 
    Write to one person at a time or all participants simultaneously.

  • More Options
    Here you can find more functionality to add to your meetings, including Share mouse control and exit meeting, as well as pro features like Pass presenter role, Annotate, Record and Schedule meeting.