Jabra Unified Communications

Jabra Unified Communications by Jabra

Unified Communications (UC) brings together telephone land lines, mobile phones, video conferencing, email and soft phones and interfaces into one single integrated application. The result is more productive employees and smoother interactions. 


  • Better sound enhances productivity and improves customer service. Jabra headsets are developed using the finest in acoustic technology with a special focus on voice and voice tools to ensure clear and consistent sound.

  • Easy installation. No need for installation experts or extensive training. Jabra headsets are simple to install with seamless connection to all phone systems.

  • One of the key advantages of Unified Communications with Jabra headsets is hands-free efficiency. Employees can do more, faster, when both hands are free – whether it’s accessing important files, checking customer data or searching the internet.

  • Mobile devices enable employees to stay in touch – anywhere and at any time. Unified Communications with Jabra headsets increase employee availability so it doesn’t matter where you are working or what device you are using.