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Izenda by Izenda

Izenda is a web-based embedded business intelligence (BI) platform that has been purpose-built for OEM use and embedding in other applications. It gives software companies the ability to embed robust self-service analytics in the form of ad hoc reports, dashboards and visualizations into the workflow of their software, while maintaining the look and feel of the existing application. By seamlessly integrating with their applications, Izenda enables software vendors to bring analytics to market ahead of their competition, monetize analytics in their software product, and lessen the time their development teams spend on report creation.


Izenda’s modern, 3-tier embedded architecture is lightweight, modular, extensible and highly configurable. It can be deployed in applications written in any language, and reports in real-time against a customer’s existing databases using an automated query building engine and in-memory data blending. Izenda can integrate with applications deployed in the cloud, on-premise or as a hybrid, and requires no additional hardware or software.

An application that embeds Izenda gets a full suite of self-service BI functionality: dashboards & KPIs, reports, pixel-perfect forms and visualizations. For end users, the platform delivers a real-time, responsive and intuitive experience, seamlessly integrated into their application’s workflow. They can create and customize dashboards, reports and visualizations for quick data discovery, and then drill down to more granular data. Report and dashboard designers have intuitive search and drag-and-drop functionality, including simple and advanced modes to deliver the right analytics experience to every day and power users. 

For software vendors embedding the product, Izenda provides a full-featured Administrative user interface that lets them set up and customize analytics quickly and with no coding. The administrative UI helps vendors of multi-tenant applications onboard, manage and monetize analytics in their product. The platform also provides a faster deployment option: a self-service analytics portal that can be implemented in as little as one week. Izenda offers OEM-friendly, annual subscription licensing of the platform.