iVend Retail

iVend Retail by CitiXsys Americas Inc

With iVend Retail, retailers get every aspect of IT needs under one roof. It provides an end-to-end solution for retailer’s real time view of their operations with centralized control and enables them in faster decision-making. It also helps retailers manage their retail operations like Loyalty Management, Promotions, Inventory Management, Inventory Planning, Business Intelligence, integration with good backend solution apart from having a great Point of Sale and Store Management. 


  • Effective Inventory Management: iVend Retail with iPlan allows for user configurable replenishment policies and levels for items in a store.
  • Never Lose a Sale In a rare stock-out situation at a store: iVend Retail ensures that the customer does not go disappointed and you do not lose a sale.
  • Cycle Counting Stock counting in a large multi store retail environment can in itself become an extremely labor intensive and time consuming exercise.
  • Loyalty Management Offering an excellent in-store shopping experience and one time bargain offers are not sufficient to get customers coming back again and again.
  • Retail Business Intelligence provides Dashboards and Analytics to users of iVend Retail. Business Intelligence (BI) is a kind of business software solution designed to use gathered data more effectively and transform it into beneficial information that can be employed to increase company’s competitiveness and visibility on a market. With associative search technology and in-memory processing, iVend Analytics gives an experience similar to Google’s instant search.