IPS Security & Compliance Services

IPS Security & Compliance Services by IPS Networks

IPS helps organizations assess their information security technology needs and select the most appropriate solutions. We also help them plan, design, install and configure the solutions for effective deployment. We do this by identifying the functional, operational and integration requirements of the technology solutions and by evaluating emerging technologies and solutions for the unique requirements of each client.


  • IPS provides information security services to help organizations improve their security posture and guard against today's rapidly evolving security threats.
  • IPS helps organizations establish a comprehensive information security program that consists of appropriate governance, policies, procedures and standards in a manner that aligns information security controls with business risk.
  • We begin by identifying the sensitivity and value of the information. We then identify threats to that information and vulnerabilities in the systems that host and process that information. Finally, we identify appropriate safeguards to protect against these threats and vulnerabilities.