INX +TMX by INX Software

Book hundreds of live flights simultaneously thanks to our integration with Serko’s mass travel booking tool.

Traditionally, commercial flight bookings are managed by INX InFlight, producing a flight manifest which is manually sent (or scheduled to be sent) to the Travel Management Company (TMC) who will in turn make the individual commercial flight bookings via a Global Distribution System (GDS), such as Amadeus, Sabre or Travelport.

INX +TMX replaces the manual process of emailing or faxing the flight manifest generated by INX InFlight by allowing travel administrators to simultaneously book hundreds of flights themselves. For our customers, this closed-loop integration represents a major cost saving and process improvement. By cutting the manual flight booking process out, our customers not only save money on transaction fees but also remove the administrative burden that has historically gone with FIFO and roster management. 


Providing the complete travel solution
INX InFlight allows for the management of individual and group travel requirements across rosters, travel and accommodation whist INX + TMX closes the loop by allowing the same Administrators to book live commercial flights in the same process.

Integration by Serko
Serko is the Australasian leader in online travel bookings. The INX + TMX integration with Serko’s Mass Booking Tool means Administrators can identify and book all of their commercial flights and have them confirmed in minutes with the click of a button. 

Cost efficiencies
Serko ensures all flight bookings are made according to your travel policy. With strict adherence to airline and airfare preferences, Serko guarantees policy compliance, saving you money. INX + TMX moves your travel bookings to ‘online’ bookings, reducing your Travel Management Company (TMC) costs and gives your Administrators full control over the booking process.