INX InViron

INX InViron by INX Software

Simplify your environmental and compliance requirements with our all-in-one solution, INX InViron.

An easy to use environmental management system for recording and monitoring environmental data, managing stakeholders & obligations and providing the tools to support ISO14001 certification. INX InViron is a web-accessible, centralised solution that manages environmental data and commitments in the one location. 

INX InViron can capture an extensive range of environmental monitoring programs across air, water, soil, climate, waste, emissions, flora and fauna, vibration and more. Environmental data can be manually or automatically entered directly, uploaded from a spreadsheet or from your laboratory with the results being validated against set thresholds to ensure that any exceedances are highlighted and relevant people are automatically notified.

Unlike other environmental management systems, INX InViron also allows you to manage your stakeholder and obligation information and commitments by activating the INX InForm functionality and provides you with the tools to register and maintain communications, identify and manage issues and assign and track tasks in a simplistic manner.

Granted users also have the ability to generate a range of environmental, stakeholder and obligation driven reports and graphs which can also be displayed through a single screen, drill-down dashboard through our add-on product, INX +BI, providing you with a complete end to end environmental management solution.


Real-time, centralised data collection
Save time with simple data collection either through direct bulk upload, mobile and web entry or automatically imported from the lab or field instruments. INX InViron can integrate with a variety of systems, including field equipment to simplify the process of managing people and real-time data in one location.

All in one environmental management
Unlike other providers, INX InViron simplifies environmental and compliance management by embedding all requirements in the one solution saving you time and money and increasing productivity.

Automated data QA/QC checks
Capturing and collecting environmental data in spreadsheets can often lead to error. Issues in the data are also harder to identify. INX InViron has data validation and QA/QC checks throughout the system to ensure abnormal data is flagged.