INX InFlight

INX InFlight by INX Software

Improve productivity and reduce costs by managing all fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) requirements across rosters, travel and accommodation all in the one location with INX InFlight.

INX InFlight is travel management software that automates and centralizes bookings of travel, accommodation and rosters with complete visibility pushed through to each individual’s phone and tablet device.

An important activity of project administration is to manage the booking of employees and contractors on to transport (flights, buses, cars, boats, helicopters) and into rooms in work camps, based on both work rosters and ad hoc travel and accommodation requirements. 

INX InFlight is a fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) travel management software database system that can manage the movement of employees and contractors using any method of transportation across air, land and sea.

INX InFlight is widely used by companies across Australia and overseas to manage rosters, transportation and rooms. Once the rosters are set up, transportation and rooms are automatically assigned, and can be manually adjusted in response to ad hoc changes and employee/contractor movements.


Improve productivity, reduce costs
Managing rosters, flights and accommodation for each individual is an arduous and time-consuming task. INX InFlight simplifies this process through centralizing and automating these tasks, saving time and money.

Manage hundreds of bookings at once
No more double entry and scanning of multiple spreadsheets to see what changes need to be made for a single booking. INX InFlight allows to you to make the change once and automatically updates the rest of the system for you.

Complete camp management
INX InFlight not only allows for the booking and management of accommodation but also the creation and scheduling of cleaning too.