Investment Book of Record(IBOR)

Investment Book of Record(IBOR) by EAGLE Investment Systems

A single, trusted source of shared investment data, enterprise-wide. Improve your decision making with Eagle’s IBOR solution. Eagle’s data-centric approach to IBOR means all of your investment data is centralized providing you with a single source of financial truth to support a consolidated, real-time investment view of assets, exposures and risks across the enterprise, including: Current Investment Activity, Positions, Cash Balances, Cash and Stock Forecasting, and Complex Multi-Asset Portfolios.


  • A comprehensive view of all your assets
  • A view into intra-day positions and cash balances, so you can see the impact of financial events in real time
  • Cash forecasting capabilities
  • Ability to create accurate start-of-day positions
  • Better decision-making capabilities with the most recent data at your fingertips