Intershop by Intershop Communications AG

Using the Intershop Commerce Suite, you can roll out all your business models, business units, brands, and customer segments across all channels and sales territories. Touchpoint templates enable fast implementation of omni-channel commerce scenarios for a wide range of user devices. To ensure maximum efficiency, all functionality, services, data, content, and integrations are managed centrally.


  • Multi-touchpoint/multi-site framework
  • Centralized management of all business models, channels, and touchpoints
  • Fast set-up with blueprint stores for B2C commerce and B2B commerce
  • Touchpoint templates with support for all user devices
  • Extensive localization functionality for fast global roll-out
  • Region- and touchpoint-specific transaction processes
  • Integrated cross-channel services, e.g., “shop online, collect/return in-store,” store finder
  • Contact Center for seamless customer support