Internap Colocation Services

Internap Colocation Services by Internap

Internap’s network of premium data centers underpins our unique colocation services. We have increased the net sellable square feet within our company-controlled data centers by 43% in the last three years, allowing us to provide cost-effective, high-density power and cooling coupled with state-of-the-art resiliency designs and processes.


  • High-Density, Scalable Power Data Centers
    Our data centers feature high density power, allowing you to grow your deployed power up to 18kW per rack footprint ? one of the highest densities in the industry.

  • Data Center Security & Compliance
    Internap data centers are designed with meticulous attention to the variety of potential threats that can affect the integrity of your data.

  • Energy-Efficient Data Centers
    Internap is committed to designing sustainable data centers that maximize energy efficiency, optimize costs and reduce dependence on fossil fuels and natural resources.

  • Reliable, High Availability Data Centers
    Internap data centers are designed for concurrent maintainability to ensure ultimate reliability.

  • Circuit Testing
    Internap offers Circuit Testing services in support of our customers’ IP service and back channel cross-connect service in Internap-owned and partner colocation facilities.

  • Data Center Interconnection
    Internap helps seamlessly connect your infrastructure environments with a broad menu of Interconnection Services and a flexible approach.

  • Colocation Remote Management
    Our robust customer portal provides cloud-like granular visibility and remote management of your colocation environment.

  • Data Center Cabinets and Private Cages
    Internap cabinets provide a highly secure storage environment while a custom private cage can be configured per your requirements.

  • Managed Installation Services
    We offer Managed Installation services to all customers colocated in Internap data centers for full or partial installation of their gear in their new colocation environment.