Internap CDN

Internap CDN by Internap

Internap’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) services help speed the delivery of applications to distributed audiences, allowing for better customer engagement and a sturdier online presence.  Whether you need to improve website performance, accelerate applications, or stream live video we have the content delivery capability you need.


  • Internap’s CDN web acceleration provides the right tools to achieve the performance you need with the flexibility to manage your site and your sensitive content. Using our CDN portal, you can easily set all the features you need and track the relevant metrics.

  • Secure, faultless online delivery of files is essential for any software producer. A download or patch that takes too long to reach a customer can be the difference between building or losing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Internap’s CDN provides the features and scale needed to quickly and reliably distribute large file and software downloads your customers around the world.

  • Internap’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) provides a fully-integrated solution for video delivery and audio/video streaming that allows you to focus exclusively on content creation. We simplify and streamline the workflow process for content uploading, transcoding, management and reporting.

  • Internap’s CDN and mobile video streaming delivery service support the majority mobile formats for a wide variety of devices including iOS, Flash, Android and Silverlight.

  • Our easy to use portal acts as your Content Delivery Network (CDN) command center. User-friendly interface allows easy upload, transcoding and delivery of all your content. In addition, the portal provides deep analytics and reporting tools so you can better understand how your content is performing across different demographics.

  • Internap CDN storage provides you with flexible storage that can grow as your content grows. Your content can be easily uploaded and managed via FTP, RSYNC or on our CDN Portal.