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Intergy EHR by Greenway Health, LLC

Intergy EHR, a product created in conjunction with Greenway Health, is an EHR system designed to be assistive to medical practices – it’s engineered to help clinical processes along, not hinder the work of clinicians or documenting staff. In multiple areas of practice administration, offices can utilize aspects of this cloud-based EHR platform to make workflows flow more smoothly and to free up time for doctors to focus on quality patient care.


  • With Intergy EHR, electronic encounter documentation alleviates some of the burden of consultative data entry. With automation in terms of charting and patient encounter notes, this EHR system can also reduce transcription costs and time spent in dictation. One of the best features of any electronic medical record system is its ability to help doctors enter information in a timely manner, and this health record functionality is a major part of the appeal of the package to any medical office.

  • Another way that Intergy EHR helps a multi-specialty practice or other group practice is in meeting clinical standards laid out by U.S. regulators. As a compliance-oriented EHR software product, Intergy EHR anticipates the move toward ICD-10 diagnosis coding, and also helps doctors to achieve standards set by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in meaningful use rules stages one and two. 

  • In addition, there are all sorts of features built into Intergy EHR to help arrange for particular types of clinical tasks. Prescribing tools will streamline the provision of medications to patients; order management tools will automate the ordering of tests. The EHR system also provides tools for lab services, and a patient portal to allow for patient review of health record data.

  • Intergy EHR is also built to assist practices long after a patient encounter. Through the sometimes lengthy and difficult process of resolving medical billing claims, this EHR software can ensure that handlers work efficiently and quickly to pursue communications with stakeholders such as private insurance companies, government entitlement offices, and patients. A medical billing Collections Module helps practices to manage revenue cycles, and claim scrubbing resources are designed to eliminate various kinds of errors that can hamper the successful resolution of individual claims.