Intercall Unified Communications

Intercall Unified Communications by InterCall

Unified Communications is an intelligent and scalable way to deliver integrated services like conferencing, email, and voice from one central location. InterCall and West deliver Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).


  • Meet the ever-changing communiction needs of your workforce. No matter where or how many offices you have, people will have access to the latest tools to stay connected and be productive.

  • Replace separate e-mail, phone, conferencing, voice mail, and instant messaging systems with an integrated cloud based platform.

  • Add new technology easily without adding IT resources.

  • Create a scalable contact center that can adapt to call volume and deliver better response times.

  • Turn an instant message into a conference call. Get voicemail delivered to your email inbox. No matter where you are or how you communicate, you'll have seamless access to conversations and assets.

  • Reduce time spent managing separate systems and the costs to replace and update hardware. With a connected workforce, you can also reduce travel expenses.

  • Protect youself from unexpected disasters and outages with redundant systems and global networks.

  • Deliver simulataneous, real-time notifications via voice, email, text, social media, web or fax.