Intelligent ATTENDANCE

Intelligent ATTENDANCE by Alliance Tech

Alliance Tech is an event technology solutions provider focused on business intelligence and analytics for trade shows, conferences and events. The Alliance Tech product suite includes offerings for check-in and badging, attendance tracking, in-booth measurement lead management, registration and mobile event guides.


  • Tap-N-Go 
    Alliance Tech’s Tap-N-Go attendance tracking solution is as simple as downloading an app and entering in an event code.

  • Enterprise 
    Our Enterprise solution is unobtrusive and designed to track session attendance and duration utilizing RFID overhead readers and RFID badges.

  • RFID Mats 
    With our exclusive RFID mats placed at the entrance to your session rooms, attendance is recorded unobtrusively and easily.

  • Access Control 
    Grant access based on enrollment or attendee type. Once an attendee taps their badge, a message along with a visual indicator appears validating access rights.