Integware PLM Strategy

Integware PLM Strategy by Integware

Integware can define a comprehensive approach to optimizing the automation strategy for all aspects of the product lifecycle while minimizing the number of tools involved and simultaneously improve the interoperability of business processes. To do this we offer a PLM Strategy Service which helps companies plan for the automation of the product lifecycle. Integware helps prioritize the process of automation using our Six Sigma PLM Process Excellence™ tool.


  •  Characterize the product lifecycle (leveraging other activities like our PLM Discovery Workshop if performed)
  •  Review existing (incumbent) technologies and the value or non-value they provide
  •  Convert business processes into a set of automation initiatives
  •  Prioritize the initiatives from top-to-bottom using our PLM Process Excellence™ Tool
  •  Group initiatives into a phased roadmap, considering automation and divisional rollout dependencies
  •  Assess the business value/return on investment for automation
  •  Works with the business to gain organizational buy in
  •  Develop a detailed roadmap for automation