Meridian Learning Management

Meridian Learning Management by Meridian Knowledge Solutions

At the core of Meridian Global® is a multiple award winning learning management system (LMS) that supports an organization’s learning, development and performance strategy by giving users access to a learning technology platform from their desktops or mobile devices. The platform helps organizations address learning challenges across the extended enterprise, provides full integration capabilities and offers secure on-premise and cloud deployment options.


  •  Provides learners with access to the full range of organizational learning from a single, secure source
  •  Ensures compliance with government and professional certification requirements
  •  Allows users to connect with fellow learners to build “communities of practice” that deepen and encourage learning
  •  Presents content in a meaningful way, according to organizational structure, language and culture
  •  Gives users the means to manage and direct their learning activities within structured plans that build competencies