InPhase by InPhase Limited

nPhase is a single toolkit providing everything you need to deliver an integrated Business Intelligence, Reporting and Enterprise wide Performance Management solution for actionable change. 
The highly visual, intelligent and interactive toolkit dispenses with coding, and is designed for ease of use for all levels of user to make smarter decisions, faster. 


it started with the ability to unite your teams and individuals with the key drivers that matter to the enterprise. This included alignment with  strategy, tactical and operational intent, risks, project management and actions. The result enabled collaboration to achieve collective ambition, pushing out wasted e?ort and activity. 
A decade later, InPhase leads the way in delivering this vision AND uni?es it with transaction data, giving your users  integrated access to disparate internal and external data from a plethora of sources. 
The united product today gives your users past, present and predicted outturn information from transaction to helicopter. Users can model what-if, enabling them to make better decisions based on fact and process, faster.