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Innotas by Innotas

Streamline the management of strategic initiatives. The Innotas IT Governance cloud solution is built on a strong foundation of Project Portfolio Management (PPM). Effectively managing project requests, resources, budgets and projects is key to delivering the new IT initiatives that drive the company forward. Combined with powerful Application Portfolio Management (APM), the Innotas IT Governance cloud solution becomes the sure path to helping your enterprise reach its goals.


  • Project Portfolio: Management will help your IT organization streamline the management of strategic initiatives by allowing you to effectively manage project requests, resources, budgets and projects while delivering visibility to focus on projects with the highest possible return.

  • The Innotas PPM solution is made up of critical elements such as Analytics, Prioritization, Project Request Management, Project and Program Management, Portfolio Management, Resource Management, & Financial Management, all while allowing you to integrate with existing IT and other critical business systems.

  • Benefits of Project Portfolio Management in the Cloud include no upfront capital investments; lower implementation, maintenance and upgrade costs; deployment in weeks; and greater agility and scalability. Get up and running with Project Portfolio management in 4 to 6 weeks and start delivering IT projects on time, within budget and achieve the desirable ROI on your projects.