Information Builders Business Analytics
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Information Builders Business Analytics by Information Builders Inc

Business analytics from Information Builders enable business users to instantly identify the factors that impact their businesses, create more accurate forward-looking strategies, enhance efficiency, increase profitability, and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Boost decision making processes with business intelligence software that’s built for speed and versatility – BI applications support agile reporting with visualized data from well-designed business intelligence dashboards. Online analytics processing help to refine the results of data warehousing and data mining activities, bringing together diverse business intelligence and analytics data from various sources.


  • Generate new revenue streams from increased customer acquisition and retention – augment customer relationship management platforms with even more relevant data 
  • Radically improve the quality of care and service to customers through a tailored user experience – know more about customers as intelligence analysts use a top set of business intelligence solutions
  • Button up operations and financial management with reliable and accurate data through ad-hoc analysis or custom built processes 
  • Pinpoint and take action against fraud, waste, and abuse - Mitigate risk and ensure compliance and governance with winning self-service BI tools