Infor Professional Services Automation

Infor Professional Services Automation by Infor, Inc.

The Infor Professional Services Automation Suite (Infor PSA) is an end-to-end professional services suite and a flexible project portfolio management solution for managing tasks and resources required for client projects. From people and processes to the technologies and finances that fuel their efforts, Infor PSA is an innovative and fully-integrated software solution that bridges the work of client-facing project managers and internal accounting and staffing managers.


  • Streamline service delivery: Enable both project managers and project accounting managers to access project information for real-time decision making, while also allowing data to flow back and forth seamlessly from account management

  • Maximize resource utilization: Give your staffing, resource, and project managers the tools and resource visibility they need to achieve higher utilization and realization for all billable and non-billable hours

  • Improve client billing: Optimize your client billing process, from time card to client invoice. By linking your critical project billing data to key financials systems, you can reduce billing errors and your time for collecting cash, which can help improve your cash flow