Infor LN
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Infor LN by Infor, Inc.

Thrive in a world of mass customization with Infor LN. More than 4,500 manufacturers trust LN to help improve, accelerate, and streamline the most complex manufacturing processes anywhere. When your manufacturing operation requires detailed tracking of millions of parts from thousands of sources worldwide from as-designed to as-maintained, you can rely on Infor LN. 


  • Infor LN is the leading suite of software designed to manage a global operation requiring multi-language, multi-currency, and multi-country requirements from a single instance of software. Manufacturers around the world use Infor LN's advanced processes for in-line sequencing, assembly line control, and serial genealogy to build complex products at scale. Infor LN is an integrated suite of Financials, CRM, Supply Chain Management, Shop Floor Control, Service Management, Quality Management, and Order Management applications. 

  • Infor LN: is a best-in-class, global ERP solution that delivers agility and fast time to value. is built with over 25 years of manufacturing experience. offers best-in-class global financials, supply chain, manufacturing, project, and service lifecycle management capabilities. is used by more than 4,500 businesses worldwide, from midsize businesses to Fortune 500 companies. empowers your entire organization through next-generation user experiences.