Infor CRM
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Infor CRM by Infor, Inc.

Customer Relationship Management tools are a driving force for a business. Infor CRM software helps to deliver outcomes on indicators like customer loyalty, customer attention and customer satisfaction. Infor CRM helps salespeople and others to perfect each point of communication with a particular customer throughout his or her relationship with the business.


  • Designed to be customized for each individual business client, this Customer Relationship Management suite is an excellent small business tool. 
  • Seamless back-office and integration and API design help make this software package compatible with an overall IT architecture, and customers can also join it with other products like Infor ERP, Infor PLM and Infor Visual. 
  • No-install mobile options help leadership teams keep in touch with what's going on inside the company, to see how marketing campaigns are working, and how business processes support growth. Along with tools like business intelligence and enterprise resource planning software, Customer Relationship Management suites really assist in fine-tuning business operations with the customer in mind.