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Incorta by INCORTA

Incorta takes you from wondering about your business to knowing your business. One day analytics means that if you show us your data in the morning, we'll have you live in the afternoon (not in three months). Real-time information means live analytics against your up-to-the-second data (not the data since last night's refresh or whatever you have downloaded to your machine). 


  • SAME DAY ANALYTICS - We've reduced the need for star schema, minimized ETL and now promise our customers that the first day they show us their data is the same day we show them their new dashboard. We've redefined the timeline for projects from "months" to "hours" 

  • RAW DATA IN REAL TIME - Here's what we've solved – real time analytics against billions of records with no data manipulation and jumping through hoops to unlock your data. Want to slice the data against a new data set...that's going to take at least 200ms (sorry for the wait). We've replaced "let me get that report tomorrow" with "here, let me show you". 

  • REMOVING RISK - Security can mean encryption and identity management and rotating passwords. For incorta it also means "don't create the risk opportunity".  Data is not downloaded to individual users, just the analytics. No sensitive data on individual computers means no security risk. 

  • ANALYTICS ANYWHERE - One word – mobility. The incorta analytics platform is designed to make every pc, tablet and smartphone a powerful window into your business. If you've got a internet connection, you've got access to real time insight into your business only limited by your imagination.