INCENTIVES SPM by Incentives Solutions

INCENTIVES-SPM helps you plan models and manage sales strategies and plans with agility and effectiveness. INCENTIVES SPM solution best-of-breed advanced technology offers you the lowest TCO in implementing the system, and a rapid ROI


  • Flexibility: Easily define targets, quotas, goal-sheets and performance measurements.
  • Optimized incentives plans: Choose from the system’s pre-built Best Practices library, or easily create completely customized new programs.
  • Smart: Comprehensive reporting and sophisticated simulations allow you to explore and promote business opportunities.
  • Facilitate your various (and dynamic) organizational structures, territorial management and lines of business (LOB), including various matrix hierarchies.
  • Compliant : Complies with SOX and other regulatory requirements, and includes advanced security and grant mechanisms to fully support transparency and segregation.
  • Control and alert: Manage the overall financial impact of every incentive plan and get alerts for any possible budget over/under predictions.
  • Focus : i-Focusdashboard keeps employees on target by telling them what tasks they should focus on today.
  • Motivation : The dashboard suggests specific actions to be taken to maximize incentives pay and raise employee motivation.
  • Communication : Clear communication of expectations and rewards builds employee trust in your company’s compensation process.
  • Self-services and self-simulations – Empowers every employee to “smell the coffee” and see where profits lie.
  • Robust and scalable to grow and adapt with your company’s changes.