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iMaint EAM by DPSI

iMaint is a user-friendly enterprise asset management system that provides you with the tools you need to monitor maintenance activities and make ongoing improvements to your maintenance operations.


  • Capture information automatically – iMaint captures information automatically through the course of normal events, thus minimizing manual entry. For example, when you fill out work orders, the system captures the history associated with every piece of equipment.
  • Generate any kind of report – iMaint doesn’t limit you in terms of what you can report on. There are hundreds of predefined reports that you can use out of the box or customize according to your needs.
  • Appropriate for various industries and situations – iMaint caters to manufacturing, facilities, and fleet. You can even combine all three within the same system.
  • Support multiple languages – iMaint allows you to set a different language at each site.
  • Encourage knowledge sharing – iMaint puts your employees’ knowledge into a database, sharing it with various people in your organization.
  • Monitor staff productivity – Determine how your employees are doing on the job by evaluating their performance with iMaint.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance – Comply with regulatory requirements, increase safety, and reduce your vulnerability with the help of iMaint.
  • Customizable navigation pane – iMaint can be customized for different levels of users. The system administrator sees everything, but other users only see the work modules that are relevant to their jobs. Users also have the ability to customize their view and save their preferred settings.
  • Enforce consistency – Designate certain form fields as required to ensure that users are consistent in how they enter information.
  • Manage parts inventory – Have the right parts on hand when you need them by configuring iMaint’s inventory module to automatically reorder parts as needed.
  • Prevent equipment failure – iMaint maximizes equipment up time and keeps your equipment in peak operating condition.
  • Synchronize preventive maintenance actions – Manage your workload by synchronizing preventive maintenance actions. For example, let’s say you have three separate work orders for preventive maintenance actions that are performed every month, every three months, and annually, and they all happen to fall in the same month. You can combine these three separate work orders into a single work order.
  • Rename fields and labels – Rename fields and labels system-wide to match the needs of your organization or industry. For example, manufacturers and facilities typically use the label, “assets”, whereas fleet customers prefer the label, “unit”.
  • Integrate iMaint with other applications – iMaint isn’t an island – it integrates easily with other applications.