iLinc by Broadsoft

At iLinc, delivering web conferencing and collaboration services are all we do. And, with over 15 years of providing award-winning solutions, iLinc continues to be at the forefront of innovation. Today, iLinc continues its innovative spirit, providing a SaaS based web and video collaboration tool that enables businesses, state government, and education institutions to break down traditional barriers and efficiently and cost-effectively engage, learn and collaborate. 


  • For Marketing - enriches the webinar experience, improving the way Marketers engage audiences and share information online
  • For Sales - enhances web meetings by using video, desktop and application sharing, annotation, and other collaborative features to produce more favorable results.
  • For Training - uses leading virtual classroom technology to expand your options for delivering crucial information in any education setting.
  • For HR - allows you to recruit, cultivate and evaluate geographically dispersed employees for better performance across your organization.
  • For IT - makes support sessions more versatile helping you to better manage time-to-resolution cycles that impact customer satisfaction.
  • For Government - allows remote workers to collaborate with other agency colleagues, keeps deployed troops connected to their families and helps people outside of impacted areas monitor on-site disaster recovery efforts.
  • For Education - enhances the virtual learning experience by connecting educators and students to vital resources and each other off campus and around the world.