iGoldMine - We Go Where You Go
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iGoldMine - We Go Where You Go by GoldMine

Remote access to your GoldMine. Access the full functionality of Goldmine Premium with iGoldMine. Users can connect to GoldMine’s powerful capabilities from any web connection or local area network. No hassles—just a browser and a URL.


  • iGoldMine provides remote real-time access to to the full features and functions of GoldMine and over 29 Windows applications via the web 
  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency with centralized, web-based CRM administration 
  • Access real-time data from one centralized database that eliminates informational delays and losses 
  • No synchronization required 
  • Leverage existing infrastructure and maximize investments for faster ROI 
  • iGoldMine is an optional add-on product that can be combined with the GoldMine Windows client, GoldMine Web, and GoldMine Mobile