Iconixx Sales

Iconixx Sales by Iconixx

Iconixx Sales™ is a cloud based application (SaaS) that enhances your sales commission management with flexibility and scalability in an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution.


  • Eliminate Manual Calculations - Overcome the struggle with homegrown, spreadsheet based manual processes. Iconixx Sales™ makes it easy to design, build, and manage complex sales compensation plans.

  • Integrate Internal Workflow - Setup and maintain custom approval hierarchies, groups, email notifications, status, escalation, file attachments, and other custom functions. Integrate processes with overall auditing and reporting, so Sarbanes-Oxley compliance can be easily managed.

  • Forecasting, Reporting and Analytics - Easily design and review plans before they are implemented with the ability to create plans in a ‘Model’ environment before releasing them into ‘Production’.