icCube – Embedded Analytics
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icCube – Embedded Analytics by icCube

icCube is a high performance and real-time analytical and visualization engine. Their largest division is focused on embedded analytics that provides a solution to companies looking to integrate an advanced analytics solution in their own platform. icCube is already integrated at stock exchanges, banks and is embedded by many IT consultancy companies in different verticals like transport, healthcare and ecommerce.

Cloud & On-premises

icCube can be deployed in the cloud and on-premises. In both cases the sever and reports are fully configurable from the browser and reports can be viewed from desktop, tablet and mobile. Dedicated layouts tied to different screen-sizes guarantee performance on all devices.

Integrate in your own solution

Fits all web and cloud solutions because of the OS independence and variety of possibilities to embed the solution in your own application.

End to end BI

Combine data, benefit from the ETL layer and run advanced analysis with R, MDX++, Java, SQL or make use of the drag and drop user interface.

On the fly authentication

With up-to cell level security and on the fly authentication icCube seamlessly integrates with any existing user authentication system you have in place and is scalable to support and unlimited amount of end-users.

Redesign the dashboards to your brand experience

Allows to create 100% custom interactive dashboards for a unique brand experience.


Build to embed

icCube has been designed to integrate into an Enterprise or OEM architecture. It’s a single Java process with a modular design. All access is performed through a thin client User Interface. icCube supports ad-hoc on the fly authentication and authorization. 

Advanced analytics

Advanced Analytical icCube can be setup as a redundant solution, can handle hundreds of millions of rows, has an advanced analytical query language (MDX++) and supports R in both server and reporting side, is fully written in Java, so works on any OS and supports SQL in the reports.

Dashboard with your brand experience

icCube’s reporting blends into your own visual identity thanks to its themes and ability to design dashboards according to your brand specifications. In addition, you can also create your own visualization widgets (for example by using d3).