IBM Big Data & Analytics

IBM Big Data & Analytics by IBM

Apply all kinds of analytics to all types of data with IBM Big Data & Analytics so you can discover fresh insights, capture the time-value of data and act with confidence. 


    Acquire, grow and retain customers: Target the right customers with predictive modeling. Identify dissatisfied customers by uncovering patterns of behavior. Address customer service issues faster by correlating and analyzing a variety of data.

    Optimize operations and counter fraud and threats: Optimize the supply chain using real-time actionable insights about customers and suppliers. Prevent failures by using predictive root-cause analysis on machine data. Detect fraud before incurring losses by applying predictive analytics to uncover patterns and anomalies.

    Transform financial and management processes: Deliver detailed analysis and reports based on real-time data to enable more informed decisions. Create budgets and forecasts using predictive and content analytics that uncover patterns in data. Develop flexible, effective compensation plans using "what if?" modeling capabilities to test different scenarios against historical data.

  • RISK
    Manage risk: Strike the right balance between risk taking and commercial gain. Understand the potential impact of decisions using predictive models. Employ an integrated and comprehensive approach to managing operational risk and meeting regulatory requirement.

    Create new business models: Top performing organizations are using data and analytics to transform industries, monetize data and create new business models. Learn how industry leaders use big data and analytics to inform decisions about customers, processes and strategy, and uncover insights that drive innovation.