i-servicing by Golden Omega, LLC

For single or multi-investor fractionalized, fixed, step, graduated payment, arm, helocs, commercial, construction loans with multiple fundings. complete built-in trust accounting with bank account reconciliation, escrow administration, loan servicing and trust fund reporting. california dre requirements and reports are also built-in. i-servicing interfaces with i-loan to eliminate duplicate data entry.


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Strict audit trail of transactions
  • Open loan, lender and payable history
  • Open subsidiary ledger history
  • Transaction registry log with editor and built-in data integrity
  • Ability to preview reports on screen before printing
  • Fees can be assigned to anyone, borrower, lender, broker, third party broker or other payable
  • What's due screen tells you the amounts to bring current or pay off
  • Built-in escrow administration with escrow analysis
  • Built-in bank account reconciliation
  • Optional add-on module for ach, electronic funds transfers 
  • Built-in heloc payment processing and billing
  • Several types of interest calculations
  • Optional add-on module for construction tracking. imports from excel spreadsheet, direct funding creation, construction expense payment and tracking
  • Monthly billing statements in addition to payment coupons
  • Payment processing totally controlled by payment codes for automatic allocation of funds
  • Automatically processed payments with full flexibility to over ride figures
  • Waive or adjust late charges at will
  • Multiple insurance policies tracking
  • Multiple properties per loan tracking
  • Multiple liens per property tracking
  • Unlimited additional borrowers
  • Unlimited additional borrower and lender addresses
  • Unlimited servicing fees by percentages, interest rate participation and flat amounts
  • Unlimited wraps and underlying loans
  • Scan loan documents and attach files of any format to borrower, lender and payable profile
  • Built-in laser or micr check writing
  • Built-in calendar
  • Built-in expense tracking with interest
  • Demands for payoff reinstatements
  • Balloon and hud notices
  • Loan payment and pro-rated interest calculators with hot keys
  • User definable records
  • Microsoft word interface
  • Outlook e-mail interface
  • Versions include lan, client-server, citrix®, and microsoft® terminal services