hyper Content & Digital Asset Management Server

hyper Content & Digital Asset Management Server by hyperCMS Content Mangement Solutions GmbH

The hyper Content & Digital Asset Management Server helps organizations to have full control over all their digital assets, to automate processes and cut costs. Based on it's software modules the system offers various solutions. 


  • No license fees for the Free Edition 
  • Cloud Service available cloud.hypercms.com 
  • 100% based on Open Source technologies 
  • Excellent User Interface 
  • WYSIWYG and Inline Editing 
  • Multiple Upload and Download 
  • Multiple Language Support 
  • Powerful Search and free Definition of Metadata Schemes 
  • Support for more than 200 different file-types 
  • Editing Video and Audio Files 
  • Image Processing 
  • Version Control 
  • Workplace Integration (Access and work wirh Adobe, MS Office, Open Office files and much more directly using your notebook or desktop) 
  • Collaboration in Teams and Distribution of Assets 
  • Real-Time Alerts and Notifications 
  • Project, Task and Workflow Management 
  • Online Chat 
  • Send Download and Access Links 
  • Commenting 
  • Related Assets 
  • Dynamic User Dashboard 
  • Reports (Usage Reports, Sender and Recipient Report, Metadata Report) 
  • Create individual Reports 
  • Multichannel and scheduled Publishing 
  • Social Media Sharing 
  • Customer Experience modules 
  • Personalized Content 
  • Web2Print 
  • Brand Resource Management 
  • Monitor and automate Copyright Information 
  • Brand Portals 
  • Branded System Interface