HP ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA

HP ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA by Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.

The HP ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA portfolio are optimized systems built to deliver the highest levels of performance and availability for clients’ in-memory computing initiatives with a focus on evolving requirements, from managing analytics and data warehousing workloads to running mission-critical S4/HANA business applications, including ability to unlock operational efficiencies and turn large amounts of data into real-time, actionable business insights.


* Optimized for Speed - 2X faster performance with 4X the workload - 2 hours to less than 2 minutes improved runtime - 90 minutes to one second improved query time - Highest I/O bandwidth of any current x86 scale-up system * Efficient and easy scalability - Up to 12 TB in a single memory pool - More data with 2 TB nodes certified to 32 TB and available up to 96 TB3 - Deploy on-premise, hosted, cloud * Built-in Simplicity - Autonomic storage provisioning - SAP-certified backup and recovery solutions - Order-to-operation in as few as 15 days - 24x7 support model offers single point of contact