HP Autonomy

HP Autonomy by TES

HP eDiscovery is the industry’s most complete application for responding to legal matters and investigations. With a wide range of features built into a single electronic discovery software application—including data processing, ECA, clustering, visual analytics, and Technology Assisted Review—you can perform tasks from identification through production, without the added risk and cost of switching applications at various stages.


  • Full-featured application: Consolidate operations from many disparate tools into one platform.
  • Technology Assisted Review: Dramatically lower the time and cost of the review process by leveraging predictive analytics.
  • Early case assessment: Secure a quick snapshot of targeted data to help determine risk exposure in advance of litigation.
  • Raw data processing: Cull down large data sets to a more manageable amount of information for streamlined review.
  • Investigations analytics: Respond to internal, regulatory, and federal requests quickly and cost effectively.
  • Unmatched capacity: Rely on a proven application that has been used to handle some of the largest legal cases in history.