Hopex platform

Hopex platform by MEGA International

Our signature HOPEX platform brings together industry-leading best practices in enterprise architecture (EA), business-IT management (including IT portfolio management), and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). HOPEX is the result of 22 years of experience in enterprise governance, built into a powerful foundation that underpins our innovative solutions. 


  • Flexible: The platform can adapt to your organization, best practices, and business environment.
  • Scalable: The multi-user, multilingual workspace can be rolled out gradually as your programs gain visibility and extend in scope across your organization.
  • Easy to use and easy to learn: The user-friendly, web-based interface can be tailored to each user profile while allowing unified access to common services.
  • Reliable: The platform is based on proven market standards, with a repository that can automate data consistency and audit trails.
  • Secure: You can configure user access rights and confidentiality settings to meet your organization’s needs.