Hitachi Advanced Data Binder Platform (HADB)

Hitachi Advanced Data Binder Platform (HADB) by Hitachi Data Systems

The Hitachi Advanced Data Binder Platform (HADB) was first available in June 2012, and is an analytical appliance based on Hitachi storage and servers. It is mainly focused on the Japanese market with four production customers and more than 10 customers conducting proofs of concept — all in Asia/Pacific — as of November 2013. As a hardware and software provider, Hitachi offers HADB as a software solution, certified configuration or appliance. 


  • Ultra high-speed
    Realize the search performance of about 100 times compared with conventional house.

  • Cost reduction
    Eliminates the need for a dramatic improvement of data processing performance, and reduce the development and maintenance costs.

  • Small & Speed ??Start
    Depending on the scale of business customers, it can also support the addition of storage. It is possible to start small with less initial investment. Further, since the available best practices model sizing, validated, and released from the complexity of setting up a customer, you can start the operation quickly.