Highwinds CDN

Highwinds CDN by Highwinds Network Group

A fast-growing number of organizations are leveraging the Internet to reach their customers with digital media content. If you are streaming video or making large files available for download to your global audiences, we can support your digital media strategy. Our CDN was built to meet the delivery needs of even the largest media and entertainment companies.


  • Prohibit users from intercepting your stream by protecting it between the server and the network
  • Profit from your assets by eliminating illegal distribution of your content
  • Many CDNs make it difficult to manage content offered via HTTP and HTTPS, but Highwinds uses proprietary software to allow delivery of both protocols using a single virtual host
  • With secure delivery, your customers' identity and personal information are protected, giving them confidence in viewing your content, playing your games, etc.
  • By securing the delivery of static site assets, you avoid browser warnings that can scare away customers