Heroku by Rackspace US, Inc.

Unlike other cloud providers, Rackspace only offers managed solutions. From ecommerce to hosting, big data to hybrid cloud, our specialists will architect, run and support all of your cloud workloads 24x7x365. Fanatical Support® is what makes Rackspace the #1 managed cloud company—empowering you to move beyond the limitations of do-it-yourself cloud with the support of thousands of expert engineers.


  • Built for reliability
    Cloud Servers reside in our world-class data centers, with ECC memory, and fully redundant networking and power all the way to the host. All virtual servers are backed by hardware RAID 10 storage.

  • Power of bare metal
    Instantly provision bare-metal servers using the OpenStack API or the control panel to bring more consistency and predictability to your application performance.

  • Global regions
    Access to multiple regions lets you deploy applications close to your users and introduce geographic redundancy. Regions include Northern Virginia, Dallas, Chicago (available upon request), London, Sydney, and Hong Kong. (Compute v1 and Memory v1 flavor classes are not available in London, Sydney, or Hong Kong. OnMetal™ Cloud Servers are currently available only in Northern Virginia.)

  • Extreme networking
    Hosts for virtual machine flavor classes, as well as all our bare-metal servers, receive redundant, dual, bonded 10Gbps network connections to fuel high-bandwidth applications. All virtual servers also have a blazing 10Gbps connectivity to Cloud Block Storage.