Hermes.Net by Vocalcom

Hermès.Net is an integrated, full-featured multi-channel contact center solution, based on a single IT platform. One of the major advantages of this unique architecture is that it combines all separate contact center elements — Automatic Call Distributor, Interactive Voice Response unit, dialer, reporting, supervision, monitoring, scripting, recording, web interaction … — in an “all-inthe-box” concept. 


  • It is a flexible platform specifically designed to be integrated with your existing infrastructure and IT applications.

  • Hermès.Net enables your technicians to create their own CT-application through an Application Programming Interface (API). Moreover, agent PC-PBX functions can be called by your company's own applications through an Active X or Java application.

  • Allows you to focus on your core business. Hermès.Net offers efficiency, flexibility and modularity. It is a truly all-round solution offering both inbound and outbound possibilities, as well as call blending, which will substantially increase your contact centers productivity.