GWA Outsourcing Services

GWA Outsourcing Services by GWA

The GWA believes that the improvement of a client’s business results is achieved by enabling the personal performance of their employees. For this, Alliance members work together to provide international organisations with globally consistent IT support with a specific focus on workspace management.


  • By engaging with any member of the Alliance, international organisations will plug into an extended service network through a single point of business contact. This differs fundamentally from the locally sub-contracted resources used traditionally in many international IT service contracts: all Alliance members work together to anticipate service requirement and to plan and manage resources accordingly.
  • For the client, this results in simplified contract management, effective service evolution and responsive scaling to requirements.
  • The aggregate service profile of the founding members is notable: between them they are responsible for 6.1 million workspace related assets, and provide end-user support to 11.5 million users worldwide.