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GuideTi by Cogep

With Guide Ti, organizations increase the reliability of their supply chain, improve employee productivity and optimize their inventory management. In addition to ensuring compliance with the standards and laws that regulate a client’s industry, Guide Ti monitors service contracts, guarantees and licenses efficiently and ensures that important information reaches the right people resulting in better business decisions.


  • With its numerous features and remarkable technological innovations, Guide Ti is the leading asset and maintenance management solution on the market. From its dynamic grid structure to its drag-and-drop features, Guide Ti is far ahead of the competition. Guide Ti is simple to use and, with Smart LinkMC features, simple to learn.
  • With it advanced database structure and Smart Complete TM, Guide Ti can automatically populate a number of fields. At any time, you can configure links between individuals, tasks and services in users’ profiles.
  • Guide Ti’s planning and advanced search tools can translate into a 20% improvement in employee productivity and save at least 50% of the time foremen and planners typically devote to planning activities.