GUARDIAN OFFICER® by GlobalVision Systems

Endorsed by the American Bankers Association, GUARDIAN OFFICER® is the most advanced and robust suite of Anti-Fraud solutions, empowering financial institutions of all sizes to effectively combat financial fraud in real-time with the highest degree of effectiveness and efficiency. Although various fraud detection solutions have been available for many years, financial institutions have been without a truly effective solution until the creation of the GUARDIAN OFFICER® 


  • GUARDIAN OFFICER® actively applies a unique dynamically-adjusted risk model to each entity according to its “then-current” behavior pattern and characteristics to eliminate false detections which commonly exist in other competing solutions.
  • GUARDIAN OFFICER® will generate a real-time alert to immediately block the transaction so that the financial institution can take immediate action to prevent potential losses and damages.
  • GUARDIAN OFFICER® offers the most superior and comprehensive suite of Anti-Fraud Modules which includes Check Fraud, Check Kiting, ATM Fraud, Debit Card Fraud, Credit Card Fraud, ACH Fraud, Wire Fraud, Identity Fraud, Loan Fraud, Deposit Fraud, Online Fraud, Point of Sales Fraud, Trading Fraud, Insurance Fraud, Employee Fraud, Agent Fraud, Financial Fraud, etc.
  • GUARDIAN OFFICER® suite can be customized based on the specific needs of a financial institution.